About Vivint Home Security

Vivint is the leading provider of smart home technology services. Vivint services utilize a technology-based platform that integrates a wide range of wireless features and components to provide simple, affordable home security, energy management, home automation, and solar solutions for your home.

Dedicated to protecting families, increasing energy efficiency, and simplifying lives, Vivint has over 20 years of experience and supports more than 1.5 Million customers throughout the United States and Canada. For more information, visit the company’s website at www.vivint.com

Our Vision Is to Protect and Connect

Our vision is to connect customers to the things that matter most their homes, families, health, cars, and businesses.

Our company based in Grand Prairie Alberta, Canada, provides home security systems, which will give you the freedom to check on your home regardless of where you are. You are in complete control with our smart outdoor cameras, locks and burglary detections. You will receive alerts, notifications and live video whenever motion is detected.

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Complete Security Services

Vivint Smart Home Security Options

Catch up on all the action

Playback DVR

Vivint Smart Drive

Playback service comes with a Vivint Smart Drive, a 1TB, low-cost video storage solution.

Continuous Recording

Save a month of footage from up to four cameras and browse minute-by-minute using event markers

Event Markers

Simplifies video search by placing markers in your timeline whenever cameras detect motion or other activity.

Playback Video recordings

Never Miss a Moment with Vivint Playback DVR

With Vivint you can keep track of every moment with the help of playback dvr through our mobile apps. With Vivint you get multi camera recording with full smart home integration allowing you to upload and search and share clips easily.

Phillips Hue lit room

Controlling your lights have never been easier and more intuitive

Phillip Hue Lighting gives you full control over your wireless LED lights using your Vivint App or even just your voice. With Vivint you can also set up custom group rules to fully customize your lighting.

Say Hello to Wireless Lighting

Phillips Hue

Wireless Connection

Easy installation and mobile lighting control without having to deal with any wires

Voice Control

Customize your lights to turn on and off when you want with just your voice.

Integration With Vivint App

Through the app you can dim your lights and control when they come on or off

Google Home + Vivint The Best of Both

Google Home

High Quality Audio

Play your daily play list or the top hit lists of the week with google home

Quick Response & Command Recognition

You can get any info you’re looking for from weather, news, sports updates, and more

Bluetooth Streaming

You can just say “OK google tell Vivint to lock my front door”

Google Home automation system

Google Home and Vivint make living life easy

Our Vivint smart home technology easily integrates with Google Home giving you quick and far field voice recognition over your home.

amazon alexa device

Control Vivint With Alexa

If you you have an Amazon Show you will be able to pull up live feed from your Vivint Ping, indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras and view the live footage on your Echo Show.

Control Vivint Through Alexa

Amazon Alexa

More Options

Control your lights, door locks, thermostats, arm/disarm system, garage door and show live camera feeds

App Compatible

Easy to integrate between the two systems install the apps and you are good to go

Alexa Dot

Have all of your devices connected and will connect with the Vivint easily

Be Prepared and Confident

Medical Pendant

Medical Alert Buttons

Get access to help you need 24 hours a day at the push of a button

Mobile Help

You can wear it outside to manicure your garden more freedom a range of 100 feet

24/7 Help When Needed

Get the peace you deserve knowing there is help there at all times

Medical Pendant for adults

Help at the Press of a Button

With the Medical Pendant you have peace of mind knowing that you have access to the help 24/7 around your house.

break in prevention system

Protect Your Home From Unwanted Intruders

Protect your home from burglary with 24/7 monitoring and emergency personnel access in case of any detection.

If a Sensor is Triggered, Your Home Will Notify You

Burglary Detection

Instant Vivint Live Talk

When a sensor is triggered Vivint emergency personnel will contact you to make sure everything is ok.

Glass Break Censor

Custom Sensors will notify you of any broken glass to help protect you from injury

Motion, Door, & Window Sensors

Multiple sensors around the home will detect anyone attempting to break into your home.

Fire protection for those whom you love most

Smoke/Heat Detector

Battery Condition Reports

Never worry about a dead smoke detector with updated battery condition reports to ensure your detector is working

Wireless Communication

Whether your pets are home alone or your loved ones in an event of a fire you will get a message on your phone immediately

Works With No Power

Our detectors are guaranteed to work even when you lose power in your home

Smoke detectors

Wireless Photoelectric Detection

In the event that a fire is detected your smart home will shut off the air flow in your home and unlock all doors to help you get out while we contact help.

flood detection system

Detect Water in Your Home

Detects water in the home and alerts you of flooding from items such as the sump pump, laundry room, or basement drain

Flood and Temperature Sensor

Flood Sensors

Vivint Monitored Flood

The smallest leak can turn into a large problem if its not noticed and immediately repaired.

Fast Response

Having a device to help monitor any potential leaking water is paramount to keeping your home safe from flooding.

Many Locations

Place the flood detector in every room that has a water based appliance, such as a washing machine or a dishwasher.

Door and Window Sensor

Door Sensors

Dependable Security

Fully supervised, 5 year lithium battery, tamper proof

Panel Activated

Know when someone is coming or going kids opening doors know where they are going with the built-in chime

Easy Installation

Flush mounted on door or window will trigger an alarm

Door sensor

Sensors Installable Anywhere

Wireless door/window sensor can be installed on many things gun cabinet, liquor cabinet, medicine cabinet, jewelry….

motion sensor

Detect Motion in Your Home

Sleep with peace of mind knowing that any motion detected will not go unnoticed

Wireless Sensors

Motion Sensors

Pet Friendly

You can have your pets under 50 lbs roam free anywhere in the house with out worry

Wide Coverage

The motion will cover 110 degree radius and out to 30-50 feet great to cover large areas

Instant Alerts

Get alerts as soon as the motion is triggered by motion

Home Security Control for Mobile

Vivint Sky Apps

The Best Home Security App

Easily manageable app navigation provides control of heat levels, locks and more

Alerts and Notifications

Get each and every alert regarding your home security in your app

Full Control

Control your home from anywhere with our app including adjusting the temperature with a swipe of your finger.

Home security app

Keep Control of your Smart Home in the Palm of your Hand

Our Vivint app is the best on the market giving you control over your home from anywhere as well as instant notification if anything happens to your home while you are away

Vivnt door bell camera

Answer Your Door Wherever You Are

Get notified of anyone that approaches your door along with a look through our high quality cameras

Get Updates From Your Front Door

Doorbell Camera

Call and Video Support

Have a conversation with your visitors as well as see them live at your homes front door

Night Vision

See your visitors no matter what time of day it is

Vivint Smart Video Clips

Watch short video clips on demand

Touch Activated Cameras At Your Fingertips

Ping Indoor Cameras

Two-Way Talk

Communicate through our cameras easily with our two-way talk feature

Alerts and Notifications

Alerts and notifications keep you updated about what’s going on at home

Night Vision

Infrared technology doesn’t let darkness take over it

Indoor security cameras

Wherever You Are, Video Camera is Your Home Security Assistant

With our HD indoor cameras you can keep your eyes on your house 24/7 and playback the recordings any time you wish.

Wireless Security Camera System Canada

Inspect Your Home When You Are Away

With our high resolution Home security camera systems, you can easily keep an eye on your home 24/7 from anywhere as well as watch our auto recorded 20 second clips

Keep Track of What Happens Around Your Home

Outdoor Camera

HD Resolution

High resolution video that allows you to clearly see what happens around your home

Motion Activated

Get notification of any motion detected around your home while you’re away

Vivint Smart App Controlled

Easily control and watch your cameras through our Vivint Smart App

Most Stylish Control Panel on Your Wall

Sky Control Panel

Panic Button

In case of emergencies our panel includes a panic button that instantly alerts emergency personnel

7`` Touchscreen Panel

A high resolution Wi-Fi panel that ensures comfort and elegance that allows anyone to easily use it

Secure Encrypted Network

Know that your system is safe from tampering with our secure encrypted network

Security control Panel

Stylish Control Panel

A 7” panel touchscreen that allows you to speak to anyone you want using an elegantly designed, Wi-Fi-based screen.

Smart Door Lock

Lock or Unlock Your Home from Anywhere

The Vivint Smart Lock allows you the access to lock and unlock your home anywhere. Three neutral finish options including satin nickel, polished brass, and venetian bronze.

Smart. Convenient. Connected

Smart Locks

Mobile Lock Access

Lock or unlock your door from any smartphone, tablet, or computer

Alerts & Notifications

Customize your settings to receive texts or emails regarding your system anytime

Completely Secure

Secure technology protects against unauthorized entry

Never Forget to Lock Your Garage

Garage Door Control

Mobile Lock Access

Vivint Sky App lets you open and close your garage wherever you are

Alerts and Notifications

Get notified whenever your garage is open or closed or left open for a certain amount of time

Completely Secure

Never worry about leaving your garage door left open all day again

Garage security system

Fully Integrated in Your System

The garage door controller kit is fully integrated with your system via the app giving you full control from anywhere

Vivnt Thermostat

Complete Climate Control

Full control over your home environment with mobile control helps give you and your family the comfort you deserve with alerts and notifications of any sudden changes

A Thermostat That Makes Your Life Easier

Vivint Element Thermostat

Smart Assistant

Simple, intelligent technology that assists you the way you want

Mobile Control

Access and control your thermostat wherever you are


Set preferences for home, away and sleep in an easy way

The Thermostat That Learns Your Habits

Vivint + Nest

Vivint Works With Nest

Keeps track of your availability to save maximum energy

Sleek Design

Detects your presence and illuminates screen for your ease

Smart Phone Control

Access your temperature from anywhere on your mobile

Vivint Nest

Fully Integrated Smart Thermostat

You can bring Nest into your smart home to help better keep track of the temperature while it learns your habits and saves you energy

Space Monkey

Capture, Store, and Share Your Photos

Easily store and manage your photos in an easy to user interface that keeps your data backed up as you add to it.

Never Miss a Single Moment

Space Monkey

Automatic Back up

Backs up all your data automatically

Always With You

Manage your photos and files wherever you are from your device

Simplify Your Life

Lets you capture, store and share all your photos the easiest way

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